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Veganizing Recipes: classic dishes in a new guise

Traditional dishes with a vegan interpretation will become part of our food culture in the future. This was determined by trend researcher Hanni Rützler. In addition to new high-tech imitations of meat and fish, there are also meatless adaptations of tavern classics that do without complicated lists of ingredients. The bowls, which are still popular, can be easily “veganized” – whether sweet or savory, breakfast or lunchtime snack.

Healthy snacking

It is now possible without any animal ingredients: vegetables, fruit or salad, nuts or seeds are perfect for a quick snack. Then there are fillers such as quinoa, couscous or bulgur, which offer plenty of scope. And then we must not forget the so-called superfoods: avocado, pomegranate or chia seeds, for example, are very popular with health-conscious connoisseurs. The regional alternatives are beetroot, linseed or kale. With imagination and creativity, delicious plant-based alternatives are created – in the form of healthy snacks, sophisticated variety or popular childhood memories.

The diverse future of meat consumption

Meat is losing its role as the key product of our food culture – at least in the visions of innovative food technologists and investors, as well as in the vegan discourse on “right” nutrition. Plant-based food has become one of the most important food trends of our time. In addition to plant-based products, other alternatives such as alt-protein and cell-cultured food, which are becoming more and more similar to meat and fish in terms of taste and texture, are now on the horizon.

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