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Top 5 TikTok Accounts

Gastronomy is a TikTok adventure park – why? Among the top 10 most watched content are recipes and everything related to cooking. More than ever, foodies are out and about on the hip platform, combing through the funny but also helpful clips. There is potential for every restaurateur and cook, as the kitchen is the setting that inspires and fascinates every foodie. Get inspired by the following accounts:


Javi Rosemberg – @Javi.Rosemberg

With 4.8 million followers, the chef and professional confectioner shows how wonderful dishes and desserts can be created with tricks. Among all the recipes published by Rosemberg are sweets, roasts, sandwiches and much more. And best of all, each and every one is prepared with a lot of love and grace, which is evident in every video he releases. An account that invites inspiration – not only for recipes, but also for the editing technique of the short clips.

Javi Rosemberg © TikTok
© TikTok

Matt Broussard – @acooknamedmatt

Norman Matthew Broussard is a chef and content creator who cooks in Seattle. He currently cooks for Tom Douglas restaurants  and was recently ranked in Seattle’s Zagat 30 under 30-list added. Those who follow his account can learn to cook all kinds of recipes, from succulent meat dishes, pumpkin dishes, pancakes and much more. Dishes that in many cases don’t take too long to prepare, which is great. Matt has already reached more than 5.1 million followers on his TikTok account.

Matt Broussard © TikTok
© TikTok

Poppy O´Toole – @poppycooks

Poppy O’Toole went from Michelin chef to TikTok star in just one year. O’Toole lost her job during the pandemic and began making cooking videos on TikTok. Now she has more than 3.1 million followers and a cookbook deal. Dubbed the “Potato Queen” by her fans, O’Toole specializes in various creative ways of preparing potatoes.

poppycooks © TikTok
© TikTok

The Moody Foody – @themoodyfoody

The Moody Foody is the brainchild of Toni Chapman, a New York City-based chef who has garnered a huge following on TikTok with her cooking creations. Chapman specializes in down-to-earth, easy recipes and delicious grilled dishes.

Her videos are never boring. She often invites viewers to check out her shop for fresh ingredients at her local grocery stores. Chapman doesn’t just stick to killer food recipes. She also offers delicious and creative cocktails that go perfectly with any meal she prepares.

themoodyfoody © TikTok
© TikTok

Matty Matheson – @mattymatheson

Matty Matheson is a Canadian TikTok champion who followed in his grandfather’s culinary footsteps and started cooking at a young age. Before TikTok fame, Matheson worked as a chef at several French restaurants in Canada. Matty now owns and operates Matty’s Patty’s Burger Club and Prime Seafood Palace in Toronto. He combines his top-notch cooking skills with his oversized personality to entertain on TikTok and various other mediums. Matheson has published several cookbooks.


Matt Matheson © TikTok
© TikTok

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