Grüner Burger


Become part of the plant-based movement with 5 tricks to make healthy and delicious dishes.


More and more guests are eating flexitarian and want healthy, climate-friendly and at the same time tasty alternatives to meat.


1. Make vegetables a star

Bring more and more varied vegetables to your plate. Eggplant, portobello mushrooms and many types of root vegetables are hearty and can therefore convince starters or even main courses. This also saves you expensive meat.


2. Swap protein sources

Reduce the amount of red meat on your menu and offer plant-based protein alternatives. In US cuisine, this is called a protein flip. For healthier and more sustainable food.


3. Serve Superfoods

There has been no getting around superfoods for a long time. Use the trend and give your culinary creations healthy superhero status: With quinoa, blueberries, cabbage, chia, green tea, broccoli, beans and much more.

4. Playing with relations

It doesn’t always have to be a lot of meat to create a strong taste. A little sautéed chorizo turns kale into an aromatic trend dish.



5. Present properly

Cut down the portions and give healthy side dishes the main role. Change the perception by placing them in separate glasses or bowls on the plate.

Wurst ohne Wurst