Grillen & BBQ zeigen sich als martialische Art der Zubereitung, schließen allerdings Fine-Dining nicht aus. Foto beigestellt

Fire-free: With fire and coal to the extra class

Roasted and smoky aromas bring momentum to the menus of upscale gastronomy. Oysters, scallops and lobsters end up on the grill – but not only fine products and pieces, but also cuts such as flat iron (middle part of the shoulder) and brisket (boneless brisket) are becoming delicacies. One trend is whole barbecue menus, which are no longer only served in summer but also in winter.

It should be vegetables

Strong themes are vegetables on the grill, spices and other ways of preparing products. It’s trendy to smoke vegetables and then process them into purees, spreads, spice or dipping sauces. Serving smoked vegetables as gazpacho is also exciting, the possibilities are endless. The basic prerequisites are high-quality basic products, know-how and understanding of indirect and direct grilling and how to deal with the core temperature (rest phase). Tip: Spices such as cinnamon, cloves, juniper berries, star anise and allspice are particularly recommended for the winter months, as they underscore the wintry flavors of curing solutions, sauces and rubs.
Den besonderen Kick mit Röstaromen. Foto beigestellt

Show cooking

The pros agree. The show effect must at least partially remain. Guests identify with the process of grilling, which is why the live act ensures special emotional moments.

Ready for the winter

In order to inspire guests even in the cool seasons, a perfect shelter should be guaranteed as well as the right cast-iron barbecue utensils. Hot sauces and stews or even waffles. Outdoor fun won’t last long without cast iron. A kindling cracking is suitable for fire baskets and campfire feeling, with this fixed inverted log splitter you can determine exactly where the wood is split. Experience gastronomy through and through is possible with a table grill, which guests can also lend a hand with. Tip: Big Green Egg.

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