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Coffee Trends 2021

Coffee is more than just a pick-me-up, it’s a lifestyle product.

In recent years, trends such as cold brew, pink latte and nitro coffee have already become classics.

We’ll show you which coffee trends you can’t miss in summer 2021.



Trend 1 Cold Brew Tonic For this mixed drink, a classic cold brew coffee is mixed with tonic water in a ratio of 1: 2. A couple of ice cubes and a slice of orange as well. And if you are a gin lover, you can add a dash of gin.


Trend 2 Coffbucha A mix of coffee and kombucha. Kombucha is one of the superfoods and makes a great soft drink. Kombucha is made when sweetened tea is fermented by what is known as the kombucha mushroom. Kombucha, like the mixed drink Coffbucha, is drunk cold. Kombucha is a real benefactor for the body: the probiotics it contains have positive effects on the intestines, heart and brain.



Trend 3 Egg Coffee A Vietnamese coffee specialty is making a name for itself: Egg Coffee, prepared with eggs. Something for the sweet ones among us. Because the egg yolk is whipped with a lot of sugar or sweet condensed milk and then poured onto the coffee.


Trend 4 Maca Likewise a superfood coffee. Maca is a cress-like plant from the Peruvian Andes. The maca coffee scores as a real pick-me-up, because the maca tuber has a three to five times higher caffeine content than coffee. Its powder is simply added to the coffee.


Trend 5 Cornettochino Two of the most delicious things combined: Cornetto and Cappuchino. In the Fenster Café in Vienna you get your coffee directly through the eponymous window. And you get the unique combination of an ice cream cone.