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Artificial intelligence revolutionises the catering industry: examples of efficient resource management

The hospitality industry faces many challenges, including dealing with food waste and optimising production and sales forecasts. More and more businesses are turning to the use of artificial intelligence to address these issues while improving their operations. In this article, we will share some inspiring examples of companies that are successfully achieving less waste and using their resources more efficiently by using AI-based solutions such as Foodforecast.

Example: Foodforecast and intelligent resource management.

An emerging start-up called Foodforecast has developed an AI-based software solution that enables demand and sales forecasting for the hospitality and food sectors. Bakeries in particular will benefit from this innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. Foodforecast’s software creates precise store and turnover forecasts and visualises this information.

By using the right information, for example about what time of day certain products sell best, bakeries can optimise their production to meet the forecast demand at the point of sale. This has several advantages: Products are fresher, staff can be optimally planned and prepared, and more precise sales forecasts enable more effective financial planning that frees up financial reserves. In addition, Foodforecast’s intelligent visualisation of results provides better clarity.

With the help of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, Foodforecast enables efficient use of resources in the catering industry. The company actively contributes to the reduction of food waste and helps businesses to optimise their processes and work in an economically sustainable way.


The examples of companies like Foodforecast show that the use of artificial intelligence brings enormous benefits to the catering industry. Through more accurate sales and production forecasts, businesses can use resources more efficiently, reduce waste and optimise their financial planning. AI-powered solutions offer an innovative way to address industry challenges and drive efficiency and sustainability in the foodservice industry.

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