5 popular barbecue myths

Does it have to be barbecue coal? What does the beer shower do? We uncover the most common barbecue myths.



Myth 1: Only a charcoal grill ensures the perfect grilling experience

For many, a charcoal grill is the most original and only way of grilling – because only with charcoal can you get a real grill feeling and meat gets the typical grill taste. Matter of opinion. We don’t use the charcoal grill very often, the main player is the gas grill, as it has a few advantages, including being quick and waiting for the perfect embers. The roasted aromas, the Maillard reaction – these popular flavors are created on electric and gas grills as well.



Myth 2: The food should be turned as often as possible

Don´t do it! Because constant turning does not allow meat to cook faster, nor does it make it any more juicy because supposedly some pores close all around. Meat that is often turned is often black on the outside, but still almost raw on the inside, as the cooking process is interrupted again and again inside.



Myth 3: Beer improves the taste of meat

Please stop it. A beer shower does not soak into the meat. It runs into the grill area. The only effect that arises is not due to the taste, but ensures that more dirt is created. So: Let’s drink a cold beer



Myth 4: Electric grills are healthier

It’s not that simple … An electric grill doesn’t smoke. However, even with an electric grill, the fat drips onto the heating rods, and thus harmful substances arise here as well, as with gas or charcoal grills. If you want to avoid that, it is best to grill indirectly.



Myth 5: It only tastes good with a lot of marinade

Wrong, because thick marinade burns easily, spoils the taste experience and is unhealthy. Our tip: dab the meat before grilling.