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The wine climate cabinet: why it is the perfect choice for wine storage

Wine climate cabinets are an ideal solution for storing wines optimally and bringing them to the right serving temperature. Unlike traditional refrigerators or wine fridges, wine climatic cabinets offer some special advantages:

  1. Temperature control: in a refrigerator, temperatures are usually between 0°C and 4°C, which is suitable for food preservation. However, temperatures that are too cold can deprive wine of its flavor and complexity. A wine climate control refrigerator ensures the optimal temperature for wine storage and wine closure.
  2. Vibration protection: refrigerators are opened and closed several times a day, which leads to strong vibrations. Wine climate cabinets, on the other hand, provide a vibration-free environment to preserve wine quality.
  3. Odor neutrality: food odors in refrigerators can affect the wine and give it an unpleasant taste. Wine climate cabinets are designed to keep odors away and preserve wine quality.
  4. Humidity: Standard refrigerators dry out the air to prevent frost formation. Wine climate cabinets, on the other hand, maintain an optimal humidity of 60% to 75% to prevent cork drying, oxygen infiltration, or wine leakage.
Wein-Klimaschrank by Hasenbichler © Hasenbichler
Wein-Klimaschrank by Hasenbichler
© Hasenbichler

Placement of a wine climate cabinet

When placing a wine climate control cabinet, make sure it provides optimal cooling. Avoid areas with large temperature fluctuations, heat sources and direct sunlight. Adequate ventilation and space for air circulation are also important. Place wine cabinets on a flat surface to avoid vibration or tipping and to avoid stirring up sediment in the wine.

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