Palmiers – puff pastry ears with pesto

Today we are going to conjure up something very special together: Palmiers, these crispy puff pastry ears with pesto. This recipe is not only simple, but also an absolute eye-catcher that will impress your guests. The best part? They can be prepared in no time at all!

Palmiers are small, sweet or savoury puff pastries baked in the shape of ear shells. We have a savoury version for you here, filled with pesto. Pesto, that aromatic mixture of basil, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan and olive oil, gives the palmiers an incredible depth of flavour.

The secret of this recipe lies in its simplicity. You only need a few ingredients and you’ll have these crispy treats ready in no time. Whether as a snack between meals, an appetiser or a party snack – these palmiers are versatile and always a delight.

So, grab your puff pastry, your pesto and let’s whip up these delicious puff pastry ears together. Your guests will love them and you’ll see how quickly they disappear.

Preparation time: 50 minutes
Baking time: 20 to 25 minutes




1 puff pastry

130 g pesto

approx. 50 g grated cheese

1 egg yolk or some milk

some sesame seeds




  1. Roll out the puff pastry.
  2. Spread the puff pastry with the pesto.
  3. Sprinkle the cheese over the pesto.
  4. Roll the puff pastry lengthwise on both sides to form the ears. 5. cut off pieces approx. 1 cm thick.
  5. Cut off approx. 1 cm thick pieces.
  6. Place the puff pastry palmiers on a baking tray lined with a baking sheet.
  7. Brush the palmiers with egg yolk and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  8. Bake at 180°C for about 20-25 minutes.