Chanterelle in cream and cream sauce

Chanterelles, also known as chanterelles, roe deer or yellow feet, are mushrooms that grow in forests and meadows. They are characterised by their bright yellow colour and delicate taste. These little treasures are not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients. They are an excellent source of vitamin D, fibre and various minerals. Chanterelles are also low in calories, which makes them a healthy choice.

By the way, chanterelles are also fondly referred to as “forest gold” or “autumn gold”, and their season usually extends from summer to autumn. For me personally, collecting chanterelles is a passion. There is nothing better than going into the forest early in the morning and looking for these precious mushrooms to turn them into delicious dishes later.

Eierschwammerl is called something different depending on the region:

  • Pfifferlinge: This is the most common term for Eierschwammerl in Germany.
  • Reherl: In Bavaria and Austria they are often called “Reherl”.
  • Rotkappen: This term is most common in the Rhineland.
  • Herbstgold: A poetic name that emphasises the golden colour of the chanterelles.
  • Gelbfuß: This name refers to the characteristic yellow colour of the mushroom cap.
Preparation time: 30 minutes




500 g chanterelle

1 onion

1 leek

150 ml creme fraiche

200 ml whipped cream

1 tsp salt

Pepper from the mill

1 tsp umami

250 g pasta Linguine al Bronzo




  1. Finely chop the onion and leek. Fry the onion and leek in hot oil.
  2. Add the chanterelles, fry again and season with salt and pepper. Pour in the crème fraîche and whipped cream, add the umami seasoning and reduce a little.
  3. In the meantime, cook the pasta according to the instructions on the packet, strain and toss in the sauce.
  4. Garnish with freshly cut leeks.