Ein kleiner Käse-Guide für den perfekten Käse-Genuss. Foto beigestellt

5 tips for perfect cheese indulgence

  1. Temperature when consumed
    Cheese should never be eaten too cold, but taken out of the fridge for one to two hours. Because cheese only develops its full flavor when it is properly tempered.
  2. Storage
    For storage, temperatures between five and eight degrees are recommended for soft cheese. Hard and semi-hard cheese keeps well at temperatures between five and twelve degrees, while cream cheese should be stored at a temperature of five degrees. If too much cheese is left over and you tend to freeze it, you need to be careful, as the structure of the cheese tends to change. Attention is also required, as cheese likes to take on the taste of food stored nearby. For this reason, cheese should not be stored near foods with a strong taste of their own.
  3. Crop
    Packaged, sliced ​​cheese goes well on children’s lunch breaks, but certainly not recommended for your guests. Cheese is better served in small cubes or cut into sticks. The consistency, structure and taste can be better enjoyed in larger pieces.

  4. Chutneys, jams & co
    To give a cheese platter a little zing, we recommend using chutneys, jams and mustard sauces.
  5. Mold
    Sliced ​​and hard cheeses usually have a long shelf life. Mold forms over time, but this is not dangerous, no toxins are formed. You can easily scrape off the mold with a knife or scraping tool and enjoy the rest of the cheese. White mold cheese, on the other hand, does not keep as long as it continues to mature and tastes more intense over time. With cream cheese or mozzarella, there must be no mold.

Wie man Käse richtig zuschneidet, will gelernt sein. Foto beigestellt

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